Carin León
Carin León has managed to establish himself as one of the most listened to Regional Mexican artists worldwide. In just two years since his debut as a solo artist, the songs and videos by this young man from Sonora have already been streamed more than 1 billion times. Carin has been praised for his voice and his unique and daring performing skills. He stands out as a songwriter as well. Artists such as Christian Nocal, Los Plebes del Rancho and El Fantasma have already recorded some of his lyrics. On his latest album “INÉDITO”. Carin León lets his inspiration run free. He is not afraid of diving into new genres and experimenting with different arrangements while remaining faithful to his Sierreño roots. With countless nominations, millions of followers on social media, and more than 300 million monthly streams on digital platforms, Carin León is staying his way to success. Proof of this are his recent collaborations with artists from other genres, such as the track “CAMBIA!” alongside C. Tangana. Thanks to his ability to tackle different styles, Carin León was the first Regional Mexican artists to be part of Spotify Singles the series of original recordings by the renowned platform.