Diurka Diaz
Diurka Diaz was born in the United States, at the age of 3 months she traveled to Santo Domingo where she studied at the Santa Ana and Santiago Chistian School schools,she learned to speak the English language. At the age of 14, she returned to US soil.

Education in her family was the most important part of the reason why her mother Christina Paulino focused all her efforts on training Diurka Diaz in the best colleges and schools in New York City.

Díaz studied General Psychology at the University of New York City College, a year later she obtained a master's degree in Developmental Psychology at Columbia University. She currently works at the Columbia University School of Public Health.

Diurka has more than 20 years of experience in the area of ​​research in the scientific and artistic implementation of new projects.

Díaz is an advocate, activist and spokesperson for the Latino community who has been interviewed by the New York Times for the Science section of the renowned newspaper, Telemundo 47, Univision 41, the New Post Newspaper, Bronxnext among others.

Diurka Diaz is a multifaceted woman who is passionate about art, culture, music and acting, which is why in 1999 she decided to enter the entertainment industry specifically in the area of ​​fashion.

Diaz is a recognized and prominent New York publicist, her vast experience in the area has allowed her to organize large social events, manage artists, promote new talents, produce music videos, create the magazine "Spanglish Magazine" and attend great awards. of Latin music such as the Latin Grammy's, the Muse, Lo Nuestro, the Latin and American Billboards, among others that have allowed her to create an artistic commercial relationship with great artists.

Diaz is the CEO of Diaz Publicist and the artistic manager of singer-songwriters Jhony-O, Sagamore, she also manages the careers of child artist Natty Bermeo and Radio host Arlyn Jakez; In the field of fashion, she collaborates with the designers Kamell Bencosme, Nime Jamal Couture, Ghisela Designs, Martin Polanco and Henry Picado.