Jimmy Humilde
The main promoter of some of the most powerful musical genres of the 21st century, such as
narco corridos, corridos verdes and corridos tumbados, is a visionary businessman and producer
everyone knows simply as “Jimmy.” He achieved his success with such humility that he was
later given the last name “Humilde” (Humble).
Before promoting the careers of stars of regional Mexican music, such as Gerardo Ortiz,
Natanael Cano or Junior H, producer Jimmy Humilde wanted to be a singer: “My thing has
always been music. Since I can remember, I get up and go to bed listening to music and when I
realized that I didn't have the voice to sing, I decided to promote it.”
Before finishing high school, he told his father that he did not want to continue because all the
classes bored him: "The only thing I like is math," he said, "but I can practice that every day."
And since then he began to add up his earnings.
In 1993, when he was 14 years old, he held a flyer party for DJ G-Minor, when the now-famous
DJ was beginning his career in Los Angeles. “I passed out flyers for a house party like the kids
do in their houses to my friends. And 400 people came!"
Once he discovered his talent, Jimmy decided to promote not only popular music, but also that of
his Mexican roots. “In my time, kids my age who were Mexican Americans were ashamed to say
that they liked to listen to music in Spanish, or that they knew the corridos of Chalino Sánchez.
It was cooler to say that you liked Eazy-E. Well, I liked both of them and that's why I wanted to
work with all kinds of music.”
Their flyer parties grew and in the midst of that popularity the opportunity arose in the 2000s to
work with the singer Jessie Morales - "El Original de la Sierra." “I started carrying the
instruments, fixing the clothes and ended up being the manager. All of that was very good
because I learned more about the industry.”
After a brief period producing events, Jimmy Humilde met José Becerra with whom he
organized a “small party on a ranch” which, to his surprise, was attended by 1,000 people. "That
night I knew that I had to go back to my business and that I didn't have to go out looking for
music, because it had found me."
That is how, together with Becerra (and later Roque Venegas), they formed Rancho Humilde
Entertainment. The company dedicated itself to organizing underground parties for
up-and-coming artists that, with their support, went on to be huge successes in the United States
such as Gerardo Ortiz, El Komander, Alfredo Olivas, Regulo Caro and even La Banda El
In 2008 Humilde Records was born, a label that began to launch a series of albums called Lo
Mejor De Las Calles and, later, another much more successful series Jimmy Humilde Presents:
Lo Mejor De Las Calles, which had guest artists Legado 7, Arsenal Efectivo, Fuerza Regida y
Herencia De Patrones