AJ Ramos

Arnulfo “AJ” Ramos is a recognized Latin Music & Culture Executive, and Multimedia Public Figure born in New Jersey to Salvadoran parents. AJ is a two-time Billboard Latin Power Player. When he joined the coveted list for the first time in 2021, he become the youngest executive to ever be included, as well as, the first ever Salvadoran.

For over 16 years, AJ has leveraged his strong relationships to facilitate career-changing opportunities to artists. He solidified his career through terrestrial and satellite Radio, Television, and Festival/Concert Hosting before joining Spotify’s first-ever Latin Music Division. The young executive has been at YouTube Music/Google since 2019, where he currently holds the title of Head of Artist Partnerships Latin Music & Culture. There, Ramos builds and fosters strong relationships between the platform and recording artists, and facilitates Partner activations that offer impactful visibility and growth. He continues to bring value to Latin music and culture.

When he’s not curating culture, public speaking, or executing brand partnerships, Ramos is creating content to inspire, empower others, and bring awareness to topics like mental health, down syndrome, spirituality, and personal growth.