Marylu Ramos
CEO , Artist & Label Services at Oplaai

Over a span of two fulfilling decades, Marylu Ramos has made a lasting impact on the Latin music industry, reconstructing the landscape of the Regional Mexican music scene and strengthening the genre’s influence not only throughout the United States and Latin America but around the world.

At just 17 years old, Ramos landed her first industry position in Los Angeles, working alongside influential radio strategist Juan Carlos Hidalgo as he developed RadioNotas and MonitorLatino. Her innate talent and discerning ear quickly led her to a major promotion, and she went on to serve as Program Director for multiple Latin stations, including San Diego’s La Invasora and Chicago’s WLEY SBS. During her 15 years in radio, Ramos played an instrumental role in the growth and success of the corrido movement, developing some of the most renowned artists in the genre, including the legendary late icons Jenni Rivera and Ariel Camacho, as well as Los Pikadientes de Caborca, El Tigrillo Palma, Gerardo Ortiz, and Voz De Mando.

Taking her passion for music off air and into the community, Ramos channeled her refined insight into her work as a promoter, striving tirelessly to boost the presence of Regional Mexican music in San Diego while creating the most successful concerts and music events for the genre in the city, such as El Macro and Corrido Fest, in addition to organizing the last three shows Jenni Rivera presented before her death.

Continuing to forge her path in the industry, Ramos was named Label Manager for Del Records, where in addition to running daily label operations and developing marketing plans, she learned the ins and outs of digital distribution. Through cultivating relationships with the label’s distributor and DSPs, she quickly recognized the startling lack of support for independent artists, especially those in the Regional Mexican scene, who neither had the backing of a major label when submitting their music for streaming nor the support or guidance they needed to succeed in a highly competitive market. Her remarkable passion for supporting brilliant rising voices was further ignited, and due to her valiant efforts at the label, she earned a spot at Sony Music, where she continued to impact the evolution of the Latin music market by employing her unmatched skills in marketing.

Driven by the desire to change the game for gifted independent Latin artists and to raise awareness of Regional Mexican music internationally, Ramos founded Oplaai. In less than five years, she has established the Los Angeles-based company as a leading distributor of independent music, and her inspiring devotion to the multi-faceted growth of her clients is evident in their incredible success. Through Oplaai, she has nurtured the careers of sensations such as Carin León and Los Plebes Del Rancho from the very beginning, making them household names and opening up the doors to their worldwide fame.

After taking a brief hiatus from Oplaai, during which she accepted a position in marketing and label operations at Spotify, Ramos has returned to her role at the company as partner in order to spearhead the development of its new record label and management division and will continue to contribute to the flourishing prosperity of the Regional Mexican genre on a global scale.