Sky Rompiendo
Sky Rompiendo is a multi-award winning producer, songwriter, DJ and artist. As one of the most influential producers in urban Latin music, he is responsible for creating hits for Karol G, Rosalía, Ozuna, and Rauw Alejandro to name a few, and is the mastermind behind global superstar J Balvin.

Born Alejandro Ramírez Suárez in Colombia, Sky Rompiendo’s curiosity for music production began at 11 years old when he was visiting a friend’s house and noticed the digital audio workstation Fruity Loops on the computer. From that moment on, he relied on the internet to learn all he could about the craft and when he was 13, he started visiting local recording studios to observe the pros and begin finding his style. Once he started experimenting with his beats, he got the attention of Mosty, Bull Nene, and Feid.

At 19, he began working as a record producer as part of the duo Sky High. His work focused more on Colombian artists, with Andy Rivera being one of the first Sky ever worked with. Eventually, he decided to separate from the duo and go solo keeping the name Sky, and his work in songs like “Amor de Verano” by Shako, “Cripy Cripy” by Yandar & Yostin and “En lo Oscuro” by J Balvin really skyrocketed his popularity. It was thanks to this last song that Sky got his full artistic name Sky Rompiendo when J Balvin said the famous phrase “rompiendo el bajo” (breaking the bass), and Sky liked the sound of it so he snuck it after his name thus resulting in “Sky Rompiendo el Bajo” and subsequently “Sky Rompiendo.”

He continued collaborating with J Balvin, and produced his third studio album and first international album “La Familia,” released in October 2013. The album peaked at number one in Colombia and number 10 in the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart and received a nomination for the Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album, while the single “6AM” received two nods for Best Urban Performance and Best Urban song.

In 2014 Sky produced yet another hit: “Ay Vamos” by J Balvin, which became the lead single of the reissue of “La Familia” called “La Familia B Sides.” The song was nominated for a Premios Juventud, a Latin Billboard, three Latin American Music Awards, and two Latin Grammys, winning Best Urban Song. As of October 2021, the song has 1.8 billion views on YouTube.